Karen Wallis Passed Away

On April 20, 2017, Karen passed away due to a long illness. She was a partner with her husband and Barbara Aho at the successful tax consulting company Wallis & Aho. After retiring, Karen enjoyed using the fabrics collected over the years to make charity quilts. She was s a member of a local quilting group in Kentucky. She will be sorely missed. Our deepest condolensces to her family. Karen will be missed.


“Enrolled Agent Week” Proclamations

Washington, DC — (February 1, 2017) The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) has been working with its state affiliates nationwide to have the first week in February proclaimed “Enrolled Agent Week.” Thus far for 2017, the following Enrolled Agent (EA) Week proclamations have been issued. Ohio Governor John Kasich and Texas Governor Greg Abbott proclaimed February 5–11 Enrolled Agent Week.


Claiming Your Parents As Dependents

WASHINGTON, DC (January 26, 2017)—With so many millennials moving back home with mom and dad, the question of whether or not adult children living with their parents can be claimed as dependents is a hot topic. On the other side of the generational divide, and affecting at least as many people, is the question of whether or not parents can be claimed as dependents on their children’s returns.


IRS Imposters Proliferate in 2017

Washington, DC — (January13, 2017) Across the nation, compliant taxpayers are getting calls from “IRS agents” threatening them with lawsuits or jail unless they pay fictitious tax debts immediately. Even IRS and Federal Trade Commission employees are receiving these disturbing calls. Phony IRS e-mail threats still abound, but the phone calls seem to be taking this criminal activity to a new high.


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